bridging freedom for the world’s creators, content providers, and consumers.

certification_seal_certificate_quality_authorize_degree_legal_diploma_achievement-128 Authentic Experience

Issue federal compliant certificates of authenticity for messages, music, books, and more.

Decentralized Governance

From contracts to Federally mandated standards and regulations, interpretation and enforcement is now automated.

Routing Automation

Automate complex routing logistics throughout your digital supply chain with completeness and accuracy; from currency to communication.

Together, first, we can create the new global standard for a new music economy.

Imagine a world where anyone had the ability to buy music from any retailer, like Best Buy or Amazon, and access it on any platform, your smart TV or Pandora. Remember the days when you could build up your own music collection and have access to it from anywhere you wanted, at any time, and where you wanted?

media announcements


We are currently only sending direct membership invites. We will soon be opening up the ecosystem and draw the bridges for et al. If you would like an invite, let us know. Check out the 1st version on Identity whitepaper and code for 1Ring.

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